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Ausgewählte Hotelbewertungen zum Hotel Kalibaru Cottages 01.05.2009 Excellent place to stay with western comfort and great trips Sonstiger Aufenthalt Paar 4,4 Generell / Hotel Rumah Kita is a small hotel with just 4 very clean rooms rein a huge garden with swimmingpool. The rooms are very spacious with each a big bathroom with shower and their own terrace. All rooms have their own coffee and tea making facilities and minibar (Fridge) The set - up is quite different from other places we stayed as the staff run their own small business. Cook and staff run the Gasthof. The cleaning lady runs the laundry service etc and all for their own account. They are all very friendly and helpfull. Another advantage of this place is that they can organise trips to places where tourists come rarely, such as to Meru Betiri Nat Grünanlage where you can Tümpel the giant seaturtles lay their eggs, to Kawah Ijen vulcano, To Baluran Nat Park etc. And take a ride with the dokar (horse and Carriage) through the village and Teich the different , one person home industries of the country side rein Indonesia Bauplatz Rumah Kita is situated 3 kilometer outside Kalibaru hinein the countryside. You have a beautiful view over the rice fields and on the Gunung Raung vulcano. Hinein the village is no bank so bring enough money. Nearest bank 20 kilometer. You cannot buy any souvenirs but that is why you are in the country side. You can make walks up the mountains and through various plantations (Coffee and Sugar and further away Chocolate and Rubber) To get to the village you just take the local minibus ( 10 Euro cents) To get to Kalibaru you can take the train from Surabaya of Banyuwangi (ferry to Bali) of the public bus. Rumah Kita can alsi arrange transport for you to and from as far as Yogyakarta and Bali Service Excellent service.

Domeinnamen Je eigen plek online begint met een domeinnaam! SSL helpt je bij een betrouwbare uitstraling en is hinein veel gevallen zelfs verplicht. Wij helpen je graag om jouw perfecte domeinnaam met SSL-certificaat te kiezen.

Negativ: I got a car I wasn't expecting. My online price welches $170 US. Plus full insurance. I paid over $450US. I paid far too much for a car I didn't expect - unless the Lot for full insurance welches over $275. So please check my original online reservation and add the insurance coverage.

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Ron großraumlimousine der Steeg, eigenaar großraumlimousine “Ik ben verrast over eenvoud en snelheid waarmee ik een website had gemaakt die voldoet aan mijn wensen.

Alanya, Antalya’nınitrogenium 132 kilometer doğusunda bulunan, yerli ve yerleşik yabancı stickstoffüfusuyla yoğun bir turizm şehridir. İlçenin en önemli tarihi yapıtı Alanya Kalesi’dir.

“Als je de tabbladen großraumlimousine MijnWebsite doorneemt en wat logisch nadenkt, wijst het zich vanzelf. Een bijkomend voordeel is dat de website meteen up-to-date is en direct online is na publiceren, top!”

Although I did not expect anything less from you all ( having been travelling with you for the past 5 years ) you certainly did not let anyone down with your exceptional service from 1st day till belastung. I will Beryllium hinein touch for next year’s trip quite soon so expect to hear from me.

I am very grateful to you, Bayram. I welches desperate and hopeless after everything that happened when I bought that apartment. Although I didn't purchase it through your company, you tonlos helped me to get my Title Deed and saved me from paying out, ev... eine größere anzahl entschlüsseln>>

I an dem sure we will Beryllium repeated at some point in the future so hopefully we will work together on the planning again

The staff is very helpful and really do their best to make your stay remarkable. Check - rein is very easy going and quick. Rooms are spacious. Staff speaks a bit of Dutch and rather reasonable English. Rein the rooms you can make your own coffee or tea and coffe/tea and water are free throughout your stay. Laundry service and Kurze reise desk present as well as transport services Gastronomie The staff runs their own Wirtshaus service (Indonesian) and if you would like something that is not rein the menu and the cook is capable to make it : no Harte nuss. It is difficult to get wine hinein Java but they really do their best to serve it (get it all the way from Bali) against very reasonable prices. The diner hinein the evening must be ordered in the morning and is always including desert and coffee or tea. Snack are available during the day Sport / Wellness For Sportart there is only the Swimmingpool but that is sufficient enough. with also enough sunbeds You can make beautiful hike is the surrounding area and really meet the local people. Zimmer Rooms are spacious (at least 28 Sq meter) with al a big bathroom (at least 7 Sq meter). Furniture is ald teakwood or bamboo and there is a toilet table and wardrobe hinein every room. Every room has its own terrace overlooking the garden and rice fields. Coffee and tea making facilities rein the room and also minibar. Beds are excellent as well as the lighting. Rumah KIta has its own generator as back up for electricity outages. In General : nice rooms with all the things you need for a great stay Gewinn Leistung / Fazit Change money hinein Genteng or Jember as Kalibaru has no bank (or ATM's) Book transport to and from Rumah Kita when you make your reservation and during your stay make one of the trips they offer. (You cannot do them elsewhere)

Hi, dear miss Neda and hi to everybody in Antalya home office. I really appreciate the service you offered, which is not rein finding me an apartment only but also in helping me do lot's of other things like residence, registering for tax, finding the... etliche lesen>>

Negativ: When I said my Leistungspunkt card covered full travel and car hire insurance, he didn't like it. He emphasized that I would have to pay for every scratch on the car. Ritterlich enough so I asked him if look at more info he would give me the sheet so I could mark the existing damage or even come to the car with me and mark it up himself. That was denied and he said I had to take pictures of it and show these to him hinein the office.

Hi Bilyana A little Beurteilung of thanks to you for the efficient manner rein which you organised my recent trip to Belek. We stayed at the Maxx Royal Hotel which is nothing short of more info exceptional and played golf on the Montgomerie Course.

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